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Philips ECC82 12AU7 Matched Pair - Dimple Disc Getter - Holland 1970/71 - NOS

Philips ECC82 12AU7 Matched Pair - Dimple Disc Getter - Holland 1970/71 - NOS

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Product Summary

With strong NOS performance and practically same date codes, this special pair of vintage tubes are priced to sell! Many tube sound enthusiasts bought Holland 12AU7's as their first pair of vintage tubes to replace their JJ stock tubes...right here at Soundlumia's eBay store, and we believe it's the best choice they've ever made just like many others among us audiophiles.

Sound Characteristics 

You get the wonderful Amperex Holland midrange presentation that is transparent, natural and expansive, with a slight touch of warmth that illuminates your musical world. The top end is super airy, smooth and nicely extended like one would expect from the best Siemens tubes, thanks to the very rare dimple disc getter on these tubes. Vocals are intimate, sweet and forward (but not right in your face.) Every piece of music you play through these tubes sounds like from a vinyl record, whether your sound source is phono or not. The sound stage is spacious and structured. Bass is incredibly deep but well controlled and feels as accurate as on the high end German ECC82's (Siemens, Telefunken, Valvo etc.)  We would recommend these as an excellent alternative if you are seeking the high end 12AU7/ECC82 tubes that can deliver the legendary Dutch house sound flawlessly. 

delta 1K2 = (delta = Heerlen, 1 = 1961, K = November, 2 = 2nd week of the month)


This pair of tubes will be packaged in the NEW Philips reproduction boxes, secured by a handmade paper ribbon (by courtesy of Soundlumia.)
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