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Mullard ECC82 Colored Tip Long Plates Matched Pair-Bugle Boy Label - Mitcham '58

Mullard ECC82 Colored Tip Long Plates Matched Pair-Bugle Boy Label - Mitcham '58

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Product Summary 

The classic example of "what you see is what you hear" magic of vintage tubes! The super rare wrinkled glass on these tubes is not just for your eyes to see but also for your ears to hear - because of the special glass material the extension of high frequency in sound is limited, which makes these Mullard tubes extremely sweet sounding and non-fatiguing. 

Sound Characteristics

The overall tonality of Mullard ECC82 tubes is warm and lively with a very spacious sound stage. "Like a warm British jacket of the finest tweed, these glorious tubes have an attractive sweet warmth in their midrange and lower regions."  This is how the experts on describe the sound signature of British-made Mullard tubes. The top end is silky and pleasant and doesn't get rolled off. They retain a fine sense of "air" at the top, and the upper midrange is smooth and liquid. These tubes reproduce the human voice, especially female voices, with haunting realism. The British made Mullard tubes are also known to have an attractive sparkle at the top with rich we know where that "warm British jacket" comes from!

Professional Tube Testing

This set was tested and certified by RoeTest V11 tester with the following result: 

Tube 1: 

Measured transconductance (GM): 2.03/1.9 mA/V  - 92%/86%  (100% = 2.20 mA/V)
Measured plate current (IA): 9.61/8.747 mA  - 92%/83%  (100% = 10.5 mA)

Tube 2:

Measured transconductance (GM): 1.81/1.89 mA/V  - 82%/86%  (100% = 2.20 mA/V)
Measured plate current (IA): 9.43/10.45 mA  - 90%/100%  (100% = 10.5 mA)

NO shorts, leakage or gas. NO noise or microphonics.

Curve trace is also included in the original RoeTest report.

Appearance & cosmetic condition

This tube is in pristine cosmetic condition with nearly 100% of the paint and lettering well retained. The Blackburn date code etched on glass is also perfectly: 

K61 R8I (K61 = ECC82 Long Plates production gen #1, R = Mitcham, 8 = 1958, I = September)
K61 R8J (K61 = ECC82 Long Plates production gen #1, R = Mitcham, 8 = 1958, J = October)


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