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Brimar CV2492 = E88CC Tubes Matched Pair - Rochester 1969 KB/AD - Same code -NOS

Brimar CV2492 = E88CC Tubes Matched Pair - Rochester 1969 KB/AD - Same code -NOS

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Perfect matched pair of vintage Brimar CV2492 E88CC audio tubes - Made in Gt. Britain - 1969 - Ultra Rare

Tube Summary

This is not a listing about audio tubes but an invitation for you to hear the sweetest voice on Earth. No other tubes can deliver vocals like the British made audio valves, whether they're from Mitcham, Blackburn or Rochester, and that's a fact. Before we get into the details of sound quality, let's be sure we are not talking about the regular E88CC tubes, but the very rare CV2492 military-grade tubes approved and tested by the British government, a HUGE upgrade from the garden variety. 

Sound Characteristics

The overall tonality of British made E88CC tubes is warm and lively with a very spacious sound stage. "Like a warm British jacket of the finest tweed, these glorious tubes have an attractive sweet warmth in their midrange and lower regions."  This is how the experts on describe the sound signature of these wonderful tubes. The top end is silky and pleasant and doesn't get rolled off. They retain a fine sense of "air" at the top, and the upper midrange is smooth and liquid. These tubes reproduce the human voice, especially female voices, with haunting realism. The y are also known to have an attractive sparkle at the top with rich we know where that "warm British jacket" comes from!

"CV2492" is not just a label but a proud statement of British military-grade quality. The richness of the music reproduced by these tubes surpass any other previous attempt of any other British E88CC's. These are extremely low noise tubes, very neutral with pin-point tonal accuracy, providing an outstanding balanced and uncolored sonic tapestry that will put your mind in a whole new dimension.

Professional Tube Testing

Both tubes tested Strong NOS (110%+ nominal mutual conductance) on a Mercury 2000 tube tester with the following result (mutual conductance both in uMhos and in percentage of nominal):

Tube 1: 14,800/13,800(118%/109%)
Tube 2: 14,800/14,800(118%/118%)

Good tubes start at 7000 and new tubes (incl. NOS/NIB) 12,500 - 13,000, and the Mercury 2000's rated mutual conductance (nominal) for new tubes is 12,500. Test result can also be seen in the pictures. In case you wonder what all these numbers mean to your sound experience, it's actually quite straightforward: mutual conductance directly translates to tube's ability to amplify sound, so the higher the numbers the stronger. 

Appearance & cosmetic condition

Both tubes are in near pristine cosmetic condition. 100% of the paint and lettering are well preserved and the identical  CV date codes are clearly visible:

KB/AD ZD (K = British military specs K1001/K1006, B = approved by British authority, AD = Thorn-AEI, Rochester, Z = 1969, D = April)
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