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Brimar B309 (ECC81+) Black Plates Gold Pin Matched Pair - 1960/62 - BVA - Strong

Brimar B309 (ECC81+) Black Plates Gold Pin Matched Pair - 1960/62 - BVA - Strong

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Soundlumia's Opinion

Made in Gt. Britain, the Brimar B309/ECC81 tubes are very similar to Mullard B309/ECC81's, both in build and in sound characteristics, but they come in at a much more affordable price while delivering almost the same performance as the Mullard tubes. 

The overall tonality of British-made Brimar B309/ECC81 tubes is warm and lively with a very spacious sound stage. "Like a warm British jacket of the finest tweed, these glorious tubes have an attractive sweet warmth in their midrange and lower regions."  This is how the experts on describe the sound signature of British-made tubes. The top end is silky and pleasant and doesn't get rolled off. They retain a fine sense of "air" at the top, and the upper midrange is smooth and liquid. These tubes reproduce the human voice, especially female voices, with haunting realism. These British tubes are also known to have an attractive sparkle at the top with rich we know where that "warm British jacket" comes from! 

Professional Sound Evaluation

The tube worked wonderfully and sounded terrific in our professional studio setup for monitoring. 

 - Input: Cambridge Audio CXC V2 dedicated CD transport + Schiit Audio Bifrost 2 Multibit DAC
 - Amplification: Handcrafted Bottlehead Crack Headphone amplifier
 - Output: Neumann NDH 20 Closed Back Studio Headphones

Our full tube sound review was written 100% based on the actual listening experience while this pair of tubes were running in the system described above.

Professional Tube Testing

This set was tested and certified by RoeTest V11 Professional Tube Testing System with the following result: 

Tube 1:

Measured transconductance(GM): 4.56/5.35 mA/V  - 83%/97% (100% = 5.50 mA/V)
Measured plate current(IA): 15.25/14.612 mA  - 152%/146% (100% = 10 mA)

Tube 2:

Measured transconductance(GM): 3.99/5.09 mA/V  - 73%/93% (100% = 5.50 mA/V)
Measured plate current(IA): 9.602/10.435 mA  - 96%/104% (100% = 10 mA)

NO shorts, leakage or gas. NO noise or microphonics.

Curve trace is also included in the original RoeTest report.

Appearance & cosmetic condition

Silkscreen: 90% - 95% (Pristine)

Date code: 
2D2 1565 (2 = Week 2 of the production month, D = April, 2 = 1962)
2E0 1565 (2 = Week 2 of the production month, E = May, 0 = 1960)


New reproduction Brimar tube box.  
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