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2x Telefunken ECC83 12AX7 Select Tubes Long Ribbed Plates ◇ Base - Berlin 1962

2x Telefunken ECC83 12AX7 Select Tubes Long Ribbed Plates ◇ Base - Berlin 1962

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Soundlumia's Opinion

The "Crown Jewelry" ECC83 tube is here! If you've been seeking the reference tube sound then look no further. Designed for high end amplifiers and preamplifiers, Telefunken ECC83 tubes provide high level gain with ultra low noise and are unquestionably the vintage tubes sought after and treasured most by audio professionals and enthusiasts. 

Like any other Telefunken tubes, these ECC83's are very pleasant to listen to: liquid, euphonic, with a slightly warmer midrange than many other German tubes, which makes your sound experience smooth and non-fatiguing, and all that happens on a unbelievably realistic holographic sound stage, where everything feels bigger, wider and taller. Sound texture can be felt through infinite levels of details, laying on top of each other, both in depth and in width. So your quest for superb sound clarity can end right here. Lastly, it never gets old to say that no other brand is even close to these when it comes to low noise - Telefunken tubes are "extremely" quiet just as legend has it.

And the cherry on top for this pair: both tubes have the colored tip, meaning they were medical select tube that went through rigorous testing/selection process before the commercial release, and the sonic differences compared to the standard tube are ultra low noise, larger imaging, cleaner sound, even more details and extra smoothness.

Professional Tube Testing
Tube 1:

Measured transconductance(GM): 1.36/1.36 mA/V  - 85%/85% (100% = 1.60 mA/V)
Measured plate current(IA): 0.7/0.745 mA  - 58%/62% (100% = 1.2 mA)

Tube 2:

Measured transconductance(GM): 1.49/1.83 mA/V  - 93%/114% (100% = 1.60 mA/V)
Measured plate current(IA): 0.97/1.562 mA  - 81%/130% (100% = 1.2 mA)

NO shorts, leakage or gas. NO noise or microphonics.

Curve trace is also included in the original RoeTest report.

Appearance & Cosmetic condition

Beside the fantastic sound signature, we treasure this pair also because both tubes have very strong paint & lettering remaining and the Berlin date codes are perfectly visible on both tubes:

Tube 1: B410154? (B = Berlin, 1 = 1961)
Tube 2: B5202401 (B = Berlin, 2 = 1962)


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