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1x Philips E88CC = 6922 D-getter - Pope Label - Holland 1958 7L4 - Near NOS

1x Philips E88CC = 6922 D-getter - Pope Label - Holland 1958 7L4 - Near NOS

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Product Summary

The "textbook Heerlen sound" has been referenced in several Soundlumia listings of Amperex Holland E88CC/6922 tubes, and many tube enthusiasts asked what that all means. So this is the answer: the late 1950s and early 1960s tone, the timeless Philips radio tone that many of us grew up listening to, the beginning of over a decade's excellence in sound, the classic tonal template for all the great (and greater) Amperex Holland/Philips E88CC tubes.

Sound Qualities

Made in Heerlen, Holland in 1960, these tubes naturally share all the remarkable characteristics of the "textbook" Amperex Holland house sound. The midrange presentation is transparent, natural and expansive, with a slight touch of warmth that illuminates your music. Bass is deep and well controlled and the accuracy feels very similar to the high end German E88CC's. Sound separation and clarity on these are nearly on par with the Amperex PQ (Premium Quality) tubes - you should hear absolutely nothing but the pure soul of your music and all of it when you use these tubes. 

And what differences does the D-getter make on these? The textbook sound refined: cleaner instrument separation, smoother top end extension and taller imaging. 

Professional Tube Testing

This tube was tested and certified by RoeTest V11 Professional Tube Testing System with the following result: 

Measured transconductance(GM): 11.55/12.06 mA/V  - 92%/96% (100% = 12.50 mA/V)
Measured plate current(IA): 16.896/17.189 mA  - 113%/115% (100% = 15 mA)

NO shorts, leakage or gas. NO noise or microphonics.

Curve trace is also included in the original RoeTest report.

Appearance & cosmetic condition

Silkscreen: 100% (Pristine)

Date code: 7L4 ⊿8A (7L4 = E88CC production gen #4, ⊿ = Heerlen, NL, 8 = 1958, A = January)


New Pope reproduction tube box.
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